1. Name Of The Department: Physics
  2. Year of Establishment: June1984
  3. Names of the Programmes/courses offered:
Sr. No. UG PG PG
Sem-III T.Y. BSc.(2019-20) M.Sc. I (2020-21) M.Sc. II (2021-22)
1 Mathematical Methods In Physics Mathematical methods in physics Satistical Mechanics


2 Solid State Physics Classical mechanics Solid State Physics
3 Classical Mechanics Electronics Experimental Technique in physics-I
4 Atomic and Molecular Physics Physics of  Nanomaterials Energy Studies-I
5 Computational Physics Practical –Lab-I (Electronics) Phy-LABIII(C-PROG)
6 Elective B:-Material Science(CBCS) Skill Enhancement Course:-Robotics-I Skill Enhancement Course:-Robotics-I
7 Lab-I-Physics Practical

Lab-II-Physics Practical


Cyber Security-I

Skill Enhancement:-Human Rights I

Cyber Security-II

Skill Enhancement:-Human Rights II

Sem-IV   Sem:-II Sem:-IV
1 Classical Electrodynamics Electrodynamics


1.Nuclear Physics
2 Quantum Mechanics Atoms and Molecules 2.Experimental Technique in Physics-II
3 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics Quantum Mechanics 3LlASER
4 Nuclear Physics Thin Film 4.Energy Studies-:-II
5 Electronics-II Phy Lab-II 5.Project
6 Elective:-Lasers(CBCS) Skill Enhancement Course:-Robotics-II 6.Robotics-II
7 Lab-I-Physics Practical Cyber Security-II Cyber Security-IV
Lab-II-Physics Practical Introduction  To Constitution

As Per NEP 2020, the New Syllabus For M.Sc. I, Implemented From 2023-24

Sr.No. M.Sc.-I (Sem-I) M.Sc.-I (Sem-II)
1 Quantum Physics Solid state Of Physics
2 Statistical Physics Electrodynamics
3 Mathematical Methods in Physics Atomic and Molecular Physics
4 Communication Physics Basic Electronics
5 Research Methodology Laser physics:-Theory
6 Communication physics- practical Laser Physics-Practical
7 Research Methodology-Practical Basic Physics lab Practical I
8 8. Basic Physics lab Practical I On Job Training (OJT)
9 Human Rights-I Human Rights-II
10 Cyber security-I Cyber security-II

 Names and Participation of the department with Interdisplinary courses

Name of the Department Programme Course Name
Physics Second Year BSc. Environmental Awareness

Courses with collaboration with other Universities, industries, foreign Institutions:

  1. Dastek Engineers, Nashik: Address:-M-57, Ambad, Nashik. The MOU was signed on 12/07/2021. Dashtek engineers are established in 2004 with exposure to requirements of Mechanism components/sub assays for medium to high voltage switchgear including GIS. Manufacturing and Development of all types of jigs and Fixtures.It provides Turnkey work from tooling to components development and supply. It handles all types of materials machining:-from Ferrous to non-ferrous. All Types of steels, aluminium, copper, titanium and its alloy. It provide Training on Electrical Switchgear parts, Instruments in Electrical work, to our Student, By organizing Industrial visit and Organizing Lecture.
  2. G.B. Softronics solutions, Ambad, Nashik: 403, Sarthak Garima, Shikrushna Nagar. Nasik. On 12/07/2021 the MOU was signed with our college. G.B. Softronics contribute the capabilities and Talent in the Global growing IT I ndustry, it provides software training in embedded systems and python programming, IOT Device. Provide Technical skilled Persons, by Guiding Students.

Number of Teaching Posts: 05 (Filled Associate Professor: 03, Assistant Professor: 01, Grant C.H.B.: 02