/Physical Education & Sports

Physical Education & Sports

Year of Establishment: 1984

Programs Offered:  FYBA/FYBCOM/FYBSC in Physical Education & Sports

Pattern of Teaching Learning and Evaluation:

Annual                                                       Semester                                               Credit System


Grading system

About the Department

The Department was established in 1984. Physical Education and Sports Activities are Carried Out for all Classes in the college to develop physical and mental health. Our College participate in many games in the inter collegiate level. Which are organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University Inter Zonal and Inter Collegiate Competition. Our College provides the T.A & D.A Facility to the Students & Team manager. Also provides the facility of Sportswear (kit) to Students & Sports Equipments. They are constantly encouraged to participate in the sport competition at various levels. The department offers a programme First year for all Faculties (FYBA/FYBCOM/FYBSC/FYBVOC) in Physical Education & Sports. Besides, the academic activities, the faculty from the department constantly keep motivating the students for the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The teacher from the department is very keen on developing the overall personality of the students and therefore keep them engaged in various activities run by the department. Hundred percent of the faculty from the department is research oriented. So far, Prof. Dipak P. Saudagar received Ph. D. from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. Degree was awarded. He has published 14 Research Papers in various national and international Peer Reviewed, and UGC CARE List Journals.

The Vision:

“College shall be a National Leader in communicating, creating knowledge and environment about physical activity to enhance the Quality of life for all.”

The Mission:

“To help all Students to learn & to develop skills for personal fitness to enhance the sportsmanship among them”

 Course Outcomes:

FYBA/FYBCOM/FYBSC/FYBVOC- Compulsory Physical Education & Sports

 Program Outcomes (POs):

Students actively engage in activities and devise appropriate training programs for the sport activities. Students also assess fitness levels and devise appropriate fitness plans.

Participate in Diverse Environments

Students will participate in Physical activity from a variety of countries and cultures.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) :

  1. Students will understand the importance of sound health and fitness.
  2. They will be able to define the various health components of fitness
  3. They will be able recognize the physical and mental benefits of increased activity
  4. They will be able to examine the effect of nutrition, rest & other lifestyle for better health
  5. They will be understand and utilize various training methods
  6. They will be identify common health and fitness myths along with trends involved with the evolving nature of physical education

Course Outcomes (Cos):

  1. He will apply learned fundamental skills
  2. Athletic Coach
  3. Dance/Aerobic Instructor
  4. Health Fitness Consultant
  1. Nutrition Specialist
  2. Sporting Good Sales
  3. Physical Education Teacher
  4. District Sports Officer (DSO)


  1. To create interest about sports and physical education among students.
  2. To motivate student for participation in Zonal, Inter Zonal University, State, National Level Sports activity.
  3. To maintain physical and mental fitness of students through yoga, meditation and sports activity.
  4. To develop leadership qualities among the students.
  5. To develop all rounds personality of students.
  6. To inculcate punctuality and discipline among the students.
  7. To develop national integration, patriotism among the students.


VII. Sports Meritorious Students:-

Scholarships and Financial Support
Name /Title of the


Number of


Amount in Rupees
Financial support from (Board of Sports & Physical Education, SPPU, Pune)
a) National Sports Meritorious Students 01

Shubham Shriram Bhandare



  • Special Achievements and Award:

In the academic year 2022-23, the sportsperson Shubham Shriram Bhandare was awarded in memory of late Pushpavati Tukaram Raundal M.V.P. The Best Player Award (Rs. 01 lakh cash and memento) was received by Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj, Nashik.

  1. Infrastructure of the Departments :
Sr.No. Particulars Discription
1) Indoor Facilities:


1)      Table Tennis-01

2)      10 Meter Shooting Lane-02

3)      6-Station Gym with Dumbbells 

4)      Weight Plates & Stand

5)      Air Pistol Morini -01(Imported Weapon)

6)      Air Rifle-01

7)      Smith Machine

8)      Chess-02,                

9)      Carom-02, 

10)  Gym Bench  -01

11)  Weight Lifting and Power Lifting Sets- 01

12)   Dummy Pistols-03

13)  Spinning Bike (Cycle)-02

14)  Human Performance Lab Equipment’s:             i) Wall Ball, ii) Medicine Ball, iii) Battle Rope, iv) Tyre, v) Hammer Sledge, vi) Bulgarian Bag, vii) Digital Full Body Composition Monitor, viii) Sit and Reach Box, ix) Kettle Bell, x) Stadiometer, xi) Plyometric Box, xii) Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, xiii) Digital B.P.Monitor, xiv) Stop Watch


2) Outdoor Facilities: Play Fields & Equipments      1) Volleyball court – 01

     2) Kabaddi- 02

     3) Kho-Kho – 01

     4) Basketball Court-01

     5) Hockey Goal Post – 01

     6) Road Race Cycle-01

     7) Hurdles- 05

     8) Rebound Machine for Cricket -01

     9) Ball Badminton Court-01

   10)Single Bar

   11)Double Bar