/Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


To promote educational, social, cultural and economic development of the rural and a few urban students and make them responsible to themselves and others and enable them do suitable jobs and lead happy life.


Our mission is to develop our students into happy personalities by inculcating in
them the basic human values like fraternity, integrity, Eco friendliness,
rationalism, nationalism and internationalism through curricular, co-curricular and
extracurricular activities which will ultimately equip them for life and make them
enrich it more and more.


  1. To create interest among the students in science, humanities, commerce, marketing and business
  2. To bring about overall personality development of the students
  3. To make students participate in various curricular and extra curricular activities
  4. To develop the skills among the students to face natural as well as man made problems and disasters
  5. To make the students participate in various sports
  6. To inculcate in them the basic values such as fraternity, scientific attitude, rationalism and environmental
    awareness, etc.
  7. To inculcate in them values like secularism, nationalism and internationalism
  8. To make the students aware of liberalization (Free-economy), privatization and globalization
  9. To make the students use the information and communication technology
  10. To arrange campus placements for students
  11. Todevelopresearchattitudeamongteachersandstudentsandtocollaboratewithindustriesandserv icesector