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Library Services

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Rules of Library

  • Please maintain silence in the library.
  • No bags, umbrellas can be brought in to the library.
  • Group discussions are not permitted inside the library.
  • Smoking, drinking and consumption of food are prohibited.
  • Students are requested to keep the books/magazines or any other material used in their respective places after use.
  • Readers must present identity cards for inspection, on the request of the library staff.
  • Tearing of pages from a publication or any type of vandalism is a punishable offence.
  • Disorderly conduct will render the reader liable to suspension from the library membership.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. If any user is found talking on the phone strict action will be taken against that person.
  • No library material will be taken out of the library without the permission of the Librarian.
  • Books/Periodicals or any other library material will be issued only on production of a Library I-card.
  • No library Material can be issued to a person on someone else’s I-Card.
  • Each student can borrow 2 books on one card for a period of 08days.
  • A book issued can be renewed on or before the due date, “Once” for a period of 08 more days only.
  • A Late fine of Rs.5 will charged per book per day.
  • Issue of books will be restored once the dues are paid in the accounts section and the receipt is shown to the Librarian.
  • Students should inspect the condition of the book before    borrowing it and inform the Librarian about the missing or torn pages if any. The concerned student will be held responsible for the same. Later at the time of returning the book.
  • If a book is lost, the concerned person has to replace the lost book with a new book or have to pay 1.5 times cost of books , as well as pay the fine.
  • Any Library material is taken out of the library for photocopying will have to be returned within an hour. Necessary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  • A new I-card can only be issued after paying a fine of Rs.100/-.

Library Timing

Sr.No  Particulars Timings
1. Week days 08:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
2. During Examinations 07:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
3. Sundays  and Govt. Holidays Closed

Library Journals/Periodicals/Magazines

Sr. No. Marathi Periodicity Annual Subscription Amount (Rs.)
1 Sadhana Weekly 1,100/-
2 Andhashradhha Nirmulan Vartapatra Monthly 200/-
3 Akshar Gatha Quarterly 500/-
4 Lalit Monthly 550/-
5 Hans Monthly 900/-
6 Kathadesh Monthly 700/-
7 Alochana Quarterly 800/-
8 Samakalin Bhartiya Sahitya Bio- Monthly 350/-
9 Kurukshetra Monthly 434/-
10 Asian Quarterly Monthly 4,000/-
11 Indian Literature Bio- Monthly 500/-
14 Indian Journal of Marketing Monthly 3,000/-
15 Indian Journal of Finance Monthly 3,000/-
16 Prabandhan : Indian Journal Of  Manegement Monthly 3,000/-
Arthshstra Indian Journal of Economics & Research Monthly 3,000/-
17 Udyojak Monthly 700/-
18 Vyapari Mitra Monthly 700/-
19 Sampada Monthly 125/-
20 Grahakhit Monthly 150/-
22 Samaj Prabodhan Patrika Quarterly 500/-
Vichar Manthan Monthly 3,000/-
23 Itihas Shikshak Quarterly 100/-
Economics & Political Science
24 Yojana Monthly 230/-
Employment News Weekly 530/-
25 Economic & Political Weekly Weekly 6,350/-
26 Shetkari Monthly
Down to Earth Quarterly 1,720/-
27 Transactions Quarterly 800/-
Mathematics & Statistics
28 Resonance Monthly 1,000/-
29 Mathematics Today Monthly 300/-
30 Chemistry Today Monthly 300/-
31 Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research Monthly 5,760/-
32 Indian Journal of Chemistry Monthly 7,360/-
33 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology Bi-Monthly 2,560/-
34 Biology Today Monthly 300/-
35 Science Reporter Monthly 750/-
36 Current Science Fortnightly 3,000/-
Physics/ Electronics    
37 Physics Today Monthly 300/-
38 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics Monthly 5,120/-
39 Resonance : Journal of Science Education Monthly 1000/-
40 Electronics For You Monthly 840/-
41 Shodh Sarita Quarterly 3,500/-
42 University  News Weekly 1,250/-
43 Vyayam Vigyan Quarterly 1,000/-
44 The Maharashtra Scout & Guide Quarterly 1,000/-
Competitive exams
45 Competition Success Review Monthly 1,000/-
46 Employment News Weekly 530/-
47 N-List-(National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) E-Resources 5,900/-

The department of library provides following services to the students and faculties

  1. Open Access to the Library’s collection.
  2. Library is Partially Automated and many operations like circulation, barcoding, accessioning carried out on it.
  3. CAS (Current Awareness Service)
  4. Newspaper Clipping Service
  5. Book Bank Facility
  6. Inter Library Loan Facility with the sister institutions.
  7. Collection for Braille Books for Blind Students.
  8. Printer and Scanner Service on Demand
  9. Free Broadband Internet Facility in Library’s Internet Section to complete their projects and assignments.

 In addition to that Library provides the following free e-services.

  1. INFLIBNET NLIST E-resources: Access to more than 6000+ e-journals and 31,35,000+ e-books.
  2. Library OPAC
  3. University Question Papers
  4. University Syllabus
  5. Term End Question Papers
  6. College Magazine (Pushpak)
  7. QR Codes for E- Books ,Audio & Videos.
  • Library’s ICT Infrastructure
Sr.No Particular Quantity
1. Computers for Staff & Students 04
4. Printer (Color) 01
5. Barcode Reader 01
6. Digital Signature Pad 01
7. Web Camera 01


  • Library Best Practice
  1. Library organizes Orientation Programme for first year students every year. The aim of this programme is to make students aware about different types of information resources, e-resources and how they are organized in the library, briefing the rules of the library, various services and facilities available to them from the library and so on.


  1. Library gives training to the Earn and Learn students regarding the working of library. They are allowed to work in different sections of the library under guidance of library staff during their off lectures.

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