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Examination Section

Examination Committee Profile

The Examination Committee at MVP’S College plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth and efficient conduct of examinations. We are a dedicated team committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and fairness for all students.

Our Committee Composition:

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Dr.Sanjay. R.Gadakh Principal & Chairman
2 Mr.Vinaykamal.D.Dethe College Examination Officer
3 Dr. Yashwant.K. Chaudhari Member (Commerce)
4 Mr.Shankar.A.Aware Member (Arts)
5 Mr.Manoj.W.Waydande Member (Arts)
6 Mrs.Varsha.S.Shimpankar Member (Science)

Support Staff

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mrs. Pallavi.J Shinde Examination Clerk
2 Mr.Rushikesh R. Hande Peon


The Examination Committee serves as a vital link between the college and the university. We are responsible for:

Adherence to University Regulations: We ensure all examinations conducted at MVP’S Arts, Science and Commerce College comply with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the university.

Examination Planning and Scheduling: We oversee the development of examination schedules, timetables, and seating arrangements for all internal and external examinations.

Question Paper Setting: The committee works collaboratively with faculty members to develop fair and well-balanced question papers that accurately assess student learning outcomes.

Examination Process Oversight: We supervise all aspects of the examination process, including invigilation, answer script collection, and evaluation.

Result Processing and Publication: The committee ensures the timely and accurate processing of examination results and their publication to students.

Continuous Improvement: We regularly review and evaluate our examination procedures to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall examination experience for students.

 Our Commitment:

The Examination Committee at MVP’S Arts, Science and Commerce College is dedicated to providing a fair and transparent examination environment for all students. We strive to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and contribute to the success of our students.

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