1. Name of the department: Geography
    2. Courses offered:

    A) Undergraduate Level:

    [table id=228/]

    B) Postgraduate Level:

    [table id=229/]

    C) Research Level:

    [table id=230/]

    D) Other: Certificate/Diploma: NIL

    [table id=231/]

    3) Staff Detail:

    [table id=232/]

    [table id=233/]

    4) Infrastructure Detail:

    [table id=234/]

    5) Workshops/Seminars and other activities conducted by department:

    [table id=235/]

    6) Placement Activity: (Last 5 years):

    [table id=236/]

    Research Activities:

    7) A) Conference / Workshop/ Seminars attended:

    [table id=237/]

    B) Research paper published:

    [table id=238/]

    8) Books/ Chapter Published (Last 3 years)

    [table id=239/]

    9) Research Project:

    [table id=240/]

    10) Results( Last 5 Years):

    [table id=241/]

    11) University Rank Holders( Last 5 Years):

    [table id=242/]

    12) Department Rank holders:

    [table id=243/]