/Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

As the head of the college campus community, I must inculcate among my students secularism, mutual understanding and respect, cooperation, trust, righteousness and sense of justice and equity. All these values are needed more in our country as we are pluralistic and diversified in our languages, religions, castes, creeds, food and dressing habits, festivals, rites and rituals.  I am happy that our students, after their education, contribute to the cooperative movement and agro-industries and other private sector units in the locality. I am proud of all these alumni working in various fields-Agriculture, Education, Industries, Politics, and so on. I also see that my students, teachers and the supporting staff make optimum use of information and communication technology in teaching and learning processes and the governance of the college.

I very much know that education empowers students to explore, discover and find themselves. Within them there are future doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, industrialists, administrators, politicians, artists, social activists and reformers, players, environmentalists, authors, economists, planners, executives and so on. Our responsibility is to facilitate them find themselves and realise their positive potentials.

With the qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers eager to teach and the cooperative and dynamic students eager to learn, the positive and the active supporting office and the library staff and the very responsive and parent like MVP Samaj, we shall definitely lead ourselves towards excellence.

I assure you all stakeholders that your aspirations and expectations from us will be realized and fulfilled only with your support and cooperation. So I make a humble and earnest appeal to all of you to be in touch with one another and to value and care for the suggestion and complaints /grievances of one another through this website or other means of communication. Together we can make this college one of the best education centres in the world.