1Department Of Physical Education & Sports

Year: 2015-2016

Name: Prof. Dipak Prakash Saudagar

Educational Qualification: BA, M.Ed (Phy. Edu.)SET

Designation: Director of Physical Education & Sports.



Participation of Students At Various Levels:

Sr. No. Name of the Event Total Inter-Collegiate Participation(M/W) PuneUniversity Inter Zone State Level National
1 Chess(M) 05
2 Table Tennis (W) 02
3 Base ball (M) 01 01
4 Shooting (M) 02 01
5 Cross Country(M/W) 04+1=05
6 Swimming(M) 02
7 Cricket (M) 16 01
8 Kabaddi (M) 11 02
9 Volleyball (M) 09
10 Hockey (W)                   13 05
11 Kabaddi (W) 09
12 Wrestling (M) 01 01
13 Volleyball (W) 10
14 Cycling (W) 01
15 MVP Marathon 03+02=05
16 Athletics (M/W) 11+05=16 02(W)          –
  Total 103 13 05


Organized Events:-


  • NASHIK ZONE:INTER COLLEGIATE CHESS (M/W) TOURNAMENT 2015-2016. Organized by- MVP Arts, Science & Commerce College, Ozar Mig. On 20th & 21st Aug  2015  























  • Chief Guest: Shri. Dilip More(Director, MVP Samaj, Nashik), Prin. Dr. A.P. Patil, Prof. Datta Shimpi (Secretary, Nashik Zone), BOS Member Prof. Dilip Londhe Prof. Dipak Saudagar (Director of Physical Education & Sports)

 Special Achievement :-

  1. Pooja Baban Dhikale (FYBCOM), Select for  All India Inter – University Hockey (W) Tournament held at- Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur. (Date- 03rd January 2016-10th January 2016)


Special Achievements:-

  1. Inter Collegiate Kabaddi (M) Tournament 2015-2016 held at-Zonal sports complex, Nashik. Ozar mig college Team Runner Up.

special acheivement













Special Achievements:-

  1. Inter Collegiate Hockey (W)Tournament held at- KTHM College, Nashik. Ozar College Hockey (W)Team Winner Year: 2015-2016

special acheivement 1














Our five Hockey Players Select for S.P. Pune University Inter Group Hockey Tournament , at Sangamner 2015-16

special acheivement 2













Winner Team with Prin. Dr. A.P. Patil, Vice Prin. Prof. R.H. Thakare, Prof. S.T. Panghavane, Prof. D. P. Saudagar( Director of Sports) Prof. P.V.Khade

National Sports Day (29 Aug 2015):  Our College  Students Donat the Blood  In MVP Blood Donation Camp at- Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Adgaon

national sports day



















State Level Competition:

  1. Pooja Baban Dhikale (FYBCOM) Participated State Level Hockey (W) Tournament held at- Jalgaon Year: 2015-2016
  2. Sarika Nandu Dhikale (FYBCOM) Participated State Level Hockey (W) Tournament held at- Jalgaon Year: 2015-2016

 Participated in 3rd National & 8th State Level Nashik MVP Marathon Year:2015-2016:

  1. Ashwini Macchindra Kote (TYBSC)
  2. Namrata Revannath Bharade(FYBA)
  3. Macchindra Baburao Rajole (TYBA)
  4. Sharad Vishnu Shejwal (TYBA)
  5. Kiran Kailas Khalkar (FYBA)

 Pune University – Inter Zone Level:

  1. Sunil Khandu Pawar (SYBA), BaseBall  (M) Tournamanet held at- Baramati, Pune
  2. Lakhan Pralhad Borse (MA -I), Cricket (M) Tournamanet held at- Pune
  3. Ashwini Macchindra Kote (TYBSC), Athletics (W) Tournament held

at-  Pune

  1. Lalita Lahanu Sabale (SYBA) Athletics (W) Tournament held

at-  Pune

  1. Shaikh Saddam Hussain Abdulwahim (SYBA) Kabaddi (M) Tournamanet Held at- Nashik
  2. Sagar Somnath Medhane (SYBA) Kabaddi (M) Tournamanet Held at- Nashik
  3. Pooja Baban Dhikale (FYBCOM) Hockey(W) Tournament Held at- Sangamner
  4. Pooja Sukhdev Shelar (SYBSC) Hockey(W) Tournament Held at- Sangamner
  5. Vidya Dattatraya Dhikale (SYBSC) ) Hockey(W) Tournament Held at- Sangamner
  6. Smita Dattatray Jadhav (SYBSC) Hockey (W) Tournament Held at- Sangamner
  7. Kirti Bhimrao Gunjal (FYBCOM) Hockey(W) Tournament Held at- Sangamner
  8. Soham Shirish Kulthe (FYBCOM) Shooting (M/W) Tournament Held At- Hadapsar, Pune
  9. Shubham Ashok Shinde (FYBA) Wrestling (M) Tournament held At- Karjat,  Nagar

Faculty work:

  • Worked As– Team Manager of the Pune University Team Which Participated in the All India Inter University Shooting (M/W) Tournament held at- Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) Year 2015-2016. (Date: 7th Jan 2016 – 15th Jan 2016) 
  • Worked As– Team  Manager of the Nashik Zonal Chess (M/W) Team Which Participated in the Pune University Inter Group Chess (M/W)  Tournament held at- Pune. Year-2015-2016
  • Worked As- Selection Committee Member of the Pune University Inter Zone Shooting (M/W) Tournament Organized by Modern Arts,Commerce & Science College, Held at- Pune Year 2015-2016(Date: 18th -19th  Dec 2015)           
  • National Sports Day (29 Aug 2015): Our College  Students Donate the Blood  In MVP Blood Donation Camp at- Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Adgoan

Worked As–  Joint Secretary  for  Nashik Zone Local Sports Committee Year  2015-2016


Infrastructure and Learning Resources of the Departments :

  • Dimensions of Gymnasium/ Gymkhana:-

Length- 37, Breadth- 30 Feet

Sr.No. Particulars Discription
1) Library 35, Books in Central library
2) Outdoor Facilities: Play Fields      1) Volleyball court – 01

     2) kabaddi- 02

     3)  kho-kho – 01

     4)  200Meter Run Track

     5) Ball Badminton Court-01

3) Indoor Facilities

1)      Table Tennis-01,    2) 01 Air Pistol Morini (International Weapon)

3) Chess-04,                 4) Smith Machine

      5) Carom-02,               6) Gym Bench

      7) Shooting Lane-02   8) Weight Plates & Stand

      9) 6-Station Gym with  Dumbells Set. 10) 2 Bike (Cycle)

11)   Weight Lifting and Power Lifting Sets

4) Departmental Activities Air rifle & Air Pistol Shooting Camp.

From:  2015


Organization of Sports Activities:

Every Year Our Department Organized Inter Class  Sports Competitions (Annual Sports)

  1.  Volleyball    
  2. Kabaddi                                                               
  3. Kho Kho
  4. Athletics
  5. Cricket
  6. Ball Badminton